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No Snails Allowed || Alec & Savannah 


Ruffling his tawny hair, Alec glanced at himself in the mirror of his suite’s bathroom. The boy in the mirror stared back at him, tall and thin, with the numerous tattoos sprawled across his body. He shrugged, thinking it was good enough. He was a boy, indifferent about his physical appearance. And besides, Savannah had never complained about it before. He had, thankfully, found a place where the two could grab a quick bite before their first show that night. It was a small cafe, located only a few blocks from their hotel, and there weren’t any snails served, much to his relief. A grin made its way to his lips, and he wondered what events would unfold tonight.

Alec was a typical boy. But he knew that Paris was, in fact, the city of love. He’d heard of the stories - people came here to experience love, the ‘greatest feeling on Earth’. Obviously, they’d never felt stage diving into a crowd of 10,000. But he knew how it felt, to be in love - which is why he was in favor of going to Paris. He would go atop the Eiffel Tower with Savannah and profess his love for her, and hope, pray that she felt the same. It seemed romantic enough, dramatic enough - and even better, it was in the City of Love. He didn’t want to waste his time while here - on the contrary, he wanted to make the most of it. With Savannah.

He remembered the first day they’d met so clearly. The moving van had just pulled in, and Alec walked out of the car with his mother, watching as the men helped his father take the crates down the truck. Enter Savannah Jones. Alec smiled, remembering the little cutie in pigtails as she introduced herself. Little did Alec know that it would be a name he wouldn’t ever forget. From that moment on, the two were inseparable, thick as thieves. It seemed inevitable that one would end up falling for the other. And indeed, Alec ended up in love with his best friend Savannah Jones. He never thought of letting her know how he felt - until Paris.

Alec headed for the elevator, pressing the lobby button as he leaned slightly on one of the corners. The doors opened once he’d reached the ground floor, and he moved out swiftly. Quickly, he spotted the dark-haired lady near the check-in counter, and a smile grew on his face. He made his way to her slowly, quietly at first, and when he was near enough, he bolted towards her at lightning speed, swooping her into his arms in a giant bear hug. “You don’t smell like airline food anymore!” he exclaimed jokingly, yet excitedly, still holding her above the ground. Realizing this, he put her down, grinning apologetically. Locking his eyes with hers, “Come on.” he said, a gleam in his eyes as he grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the hotel. “Restaurant’s this way!”

Savannah sighed softly, running a hand through her long black hair. She wasn’t a girly girl. One of the girls who would stress themselves out about how they look. Of course she cared about how she looked but when you have a concert every night, you end up looking trashed anyway. She just wasn’t one of the girls who freaked out if her make-up wasn’t perfect, she actually rarely wore make-up so that didn’t really matter. With Alec, she had to admit, she tried a little harder then usual. Only recently, though. It was odd for her though, she wasn’t sure why she tried any harder with him. Savannah was never the type of girl to actually be.. in touch with her feelings. She could be crying and still be the last person to know why.

Going on tour was definitely one of Savannahs favorite things. She got to travel all over. At first, it was just around the country, but now the tours had spread around the world. It was great, getting to go different places every week. Paris had always been high on her places to visit. Just because she didn’t act like a girl, doesn’t mean she didn’t think like one. She had wanted to visit Paris for obvious reasons, finding love. It was the City of Love. Even if it did end up to be some kind of.. Fling with someone who lived here. It was an experience most girls could only dream of.

After a few more minutes of looking herself over in the bathroom mirror, she finally headed down to the lobby. Savannahs eyes immediately searched the lobby for Alec, only spotting a few workers walking around. Biting down on her lip, she walked over to the main desk. Her fingers slowly began to tap a rhythm against the desk, her chin resting in her hand. A smile immediately spread across her face when Alecs arms wrapped around her. “Okay, good. I tried my best to hide that scent.” She smiled down at him, slowly nodding her head. “You know.. I like having ground under my feet.” She whispered to him softly, pursing her lips. “Thank you.” Savannah barely managed to get out before she was being dragged out of the lobby. Quickly catching up to him, she sighed softly. “So, Where are we going?”


What? No, I’m fine, I’m…I’m great.

..Okay, just making sure.

Uhm, yeah, but I dunno. I just have a feeling tonight will be different.

…Are you okay? Did you catch a cold or something?


Don’t worry. I’m sure tonight’s going to be…pretty special.

..Isn’t it just like.. any other night?



You excited for the show tonight?

If it ends up being anything like last nights, then yes.


Good, good…

Er.. Yeah. Good.


Really? Really? Good.

Yes, Really. ..I think.